“Laban was off shearing sheep. Rachel stole her father’s household gods.” Gen 31:19 MSG

Rachel had every reason to be cross  and upset with her father. He had made her wait 14 years to be with the man she loved and she had to share him with a big sister she wasn’t particularly a fan of. Now her father was treating her man unfairly. The ideal punishment would be to take that which he revered,which he couldn’t do without…take his gods…
Rachel had always known these gods as a child she grew through the transition from a girl to womanhood with them, she had worshipped and believed in them. Now she is told by her man that an unknown, unseen, unheard of God had made him a promise which was to be fulfilled upon his return to the place of his birth. What else could she do than cling to that which she knew! Kill two B¡birds with one stone!
As women sometimes we feel that the best way to soothe our hurt is by hurting someone else. It gives a temporary gratification but shortly takes us back to the hurt.
The journey of the familiar; so many times we would rather go back to the past( relationship, friendship, habit, indulgence) than move on to something new. The familiar sounds right, the familiar knows you better than anyone else, the familiar understands. But don’t let the hurt take you to the familiar.
True healing comes when you move on…let go…keep moving!

Loads of love and Blessings


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