Get busy…people like busy people

“… Sis we both knw dat if u get even an ashawo busy wiv makin money, her way of thinkin wud be redirected” Jay
Today my cousin and I were having a discussion on the type of women guys like… When he made the above comment…funny you know! I thought the men liked them laid back and lazy! Lol.
He’s strong views on a prostitute whose thinking could be redirected if she had a good business which she made profit from made me realise that even young men love an enterprising woman. A woman who can think, coordinate, innovate as well as make profit.
(Here it comes) this has always been my dream to give women the opportunity to look beyond their weaknesses and become empowered because an empowered woman means educated children, a happy husband and a happy society. Hence Mary Kay! Yeah bla bla bla you’ve heard it before, you’ve even tried it and it didn’t work. Remember even Mary Kay didn’t have it easy she failed many times! But you’ve got an advantage, you’ve got people who have gone through this journey and have made it through.
You have a choice to redirect your thinking by starting your own business, changing your society, educating the younger generation or just being in the number of those who applaud those who dared!
Hey you decide!

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