Your face, skin and short hair

Superstition makes us believe that short hair must come with an incident. Most times, something bad like death, heart break or punishment for bad behaviour. In some cultures, it symbolises maturity, a sign that you are done with being pleasing and now just being yourself.
Some say its low maintenance but becomes high maintenance when its a stylish cut with colour, extensions and straightener.
One thing is for sure, short hair shows off your face( and its flaws). It shows off the bumps, discolouration, black heads, white heads, dry skin, oily skin, lines, wrinkles and more lines aaarrrgghh
For short hair you need to get serious, I mean really serious with your skin care regime. Cut down on all the crappy food and alcohol. Your skin needs the hydration( adequate provision of water to body tissues) A good cleanser that cleanses,exfoliates and freshens. A moisturiser that hydrates, smooths,firms and softens. Skin supplements with sunscreen and spf (Mary Kay Miracle set combination/ oily or normal/ dry).
Discolouration is not your friend. When you look into the mirror what do you see?
Aside- I met someone who doesn’t look into the mirror(strange!) I love mirrors I love what I see when I look…lol
Your face! Yes that’s what you see staring right back at you POW! with discolouration…oops. You need to even your skin not bleach but even it out and prevent discolouration from re occuring by blocking UVA/UVB rays which damage the skin( Mary Kay. TimeWise Even complexion essence and TimeWise Day solution sunscreen SPF 25*)

You want smooth skin with refined and smaller pores( Mary Kay TimeWise Microdermabration set)

Now with all this you can afford to have cracked lips. You need all the nasty dead skin buffed away( they don’t even taste nice when you chew them…so stop it!) With a moisturising lip balm to achieve soft lips (Mary Kay Satin Lips set: mask&balm)

With great care for your skin you will get great results! Believe me!great skin is worth the effort.

Hey… Stay simply beautiful…wink*

Shirley Bee*

Next up!
Short hair and make up

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