To Like or Not To Like: A Tale of 2 Factors…

Scene 1
4 women standing on a corridor having an interesting conversation. A beautiful woman walks by and they turn away ignoring her smile and greetings.
Woman1: I don’t like her!
Woman2: I can’t stand her!
Woman3: Why? Did she do anything to you?
Woman4: She’s just annoying…I just don’t like her
Woman3: have you spoken to her about it?
Woman1: NO! No way! I don’t like her and I will never speak to her!

This is a very familiar scene in our lives. We have all come to a point where we just don’t like someone or we are the ones who are not liked.
I spent a lot of years in my life not liking people for no reason. Then one day, I told myself that I must have a reason not to like someone. So I said it was my intuition or in some cases counter intuitive reasoning. It couldn’t be physical because I never judged anyone based on their physical attribute. I am not perfect myself …believe me size means nothing to me! It wasn’t the way they spoke because I marvel at people with speech impediments.
Now what could it be? I remembered when I worked with children at the nursery and some staff would say I just don’t like this child or I just don’t like that child. It didn’t make sense to me. They were just children who knew very little about life! But I realised that this ‘I just don’t like’ thing was a syndrome, a virus of some sort. It had no age limit, race, sex or nationality barrier. People choose not to like people for no reason.
However, this is not a barrier to success as most successful people are not liked. This is the truth. Let’s start with bible characters.

Joseph’s brothers didn’t like him yet he became prime minister of Egypt.
David’s brothers didn’t like too and even King Saul wanted him dead yet he became king.
Haman didn’t like mordecia yet Modecia was remembered and promoted
Daniel was not liked and was thrown into the lions den yet was a leader par excellence as kings recognised his gift.
The woman who washed Jesus feet with her tears and dried them with her hair was not liked by the disciples and yet today is remembered for her true worship as Jesus said.
Jesus was not like and today we can see…

This applies today as well most successful people are not liked.
Simon cowell: Mr Nasty Guy! Full of sarcasm! Millions watch his show and make nasty remarks about him. Yet he is successful and his show went on to win an award this year.
Mrs Victoria Beckham: posh spice…lol I remember her being the un talented, least liked spice now she is the spice you remember. A success story with her fashion label.
Lady Gaga: no one likes gaga yet she has hit multi platinum. Even children in the nursery sing Gaga! If that’s not success then what do you call success?
Mark Zuckerberg: the facebook guy no one likes but this success is seen in the addiction to facebook world wide.

I personally don’t believe in the likable factor especially if it keeps you mediocre. Everyone likes you and you leave your dreams and destiny to become pleasing. I believe in the success factor!even if people don’t like me. I will stay focussed , determined and hard working striving for excellence.
Don’t waste your time not liking people! Everyone has the measure of value they bring into your life but you need wisdom to determine who and when.

Now to like or not to like…I choose to like! I choose the success factor!

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