Memory Walls

Different things in our lives remind us of different times and different people in our lives, Some good, some bad, some happy, some sad, leaving memories. Memories we cherish, memories we fear, memories we do not want repeated, memories like testimonies which happened just in the nick of time.
When sad things happen, the memories linger on the walls and the best thing to do is leave that space,change or move to heal and when good things happen we forget because we take no further action than the expression of our initial joy.
There is a belief that if you capture your happy moments there is a likelihood of a re occurrence.
Become a collector of happy memories! Have a memory wall( behind your wardrobe, on your laptop, on your phone,your folder or file, your diary or note pad) where you collect all your happy memories, your laughter, your testimonies. A reminder of the little battles you’ve won. Your Champions corner!
You are responsible for what you are doing. You have a responsibility to change things around you. You are not a stranger in your own house. Treat your house well.
Make your house a place of happy memories!
Happy New Month!
Love Ya!
Shirley Bee

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