A sacrifice with a happy ending…

Everyday we make sacrifices for ourselves and for those we love. Sacrifices within our boundaries( do able sacrifices)not based on an instruction,direction or compulsion but wilful sacrifices.
We all love sacrifices especially if the sacrifice is in our favour. When another has to make the sacrifice for us.
Let’s imagine we had a 3year assignment that requires a sacrifice at the end. A sacrifice we can’t cry away, pray away(even if we sweat blood), negotiate away or plead away. A sacrifice that’s totally misunderstood by everyone especially those close to us. A sacrifice of obedience!
Christ made that sacrifice for me and you. his sacrifice was humiliating, some what disturbing but with a happy ending… because he took charge of everything that could hinder you( shame, pain, un forgiveness,sin, hell& grave)and exchanged it for victory( love, joy, peace,life and life more abundantly)
In your low moments, remember, that Christ didn’t have to do it!but he wanted a happy ending for your story.

Happy Easter!!!
Love Ya
Shirley Bee

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