Gifted and going somewhere!

Your gift is your business so operate in it! Stop comparing and looking at other peoples gifts! Your gift may seem insignificant but you have to shake the insignificance mentality off your life. Believe that your gift is a major aspect of your purpose and it must be revealed in time.
Now if you are multi gifted or multi talented there is a tendency to feel insecure and unfulfilled. Like a jack of all trades and the master of none, but look beyond your insecurity because gifts are meant to be developed. They are like fresh fruits plucked from a tree which must be washed before they can be eaten.
Operating in your gift takes discipline, sleepless nights, loosing friends, isolation and loneliness,studying or just giving it your all but remember, that your gift makes room for you, gives wealth and prospers you.

You are gifted and going somewhere to happen!
Have a great day
Love Ya!
Shirley Bee

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