Sense of Direction

In my life I have made some stupid decisions, followed the wrong signs, listened to peoples opinion who couldn’t give me direction,believed strongly in my senseless sense of direction, When I had to do was ask myself ‘is it worth the journey?’
One I was going to visit a friend who just came into town. I had taken an alternative route and as soon as I came out of the station. I knew it! I knew I had made a wrong decision. I knew I was lost and this was going to be one twisted journey. Then it began to rain!( Like God himself was saying you don’t have to take this journey). But I have always had the sense of direction. So I looked left, looked right, looked ahead and looked back. Picked a path and started walking. The further I walked, the further I felt distant and away from my final destination. So I stopped, thought and decided to read the signs. Looked up and saw I had been walking in the wrong direction. So I took a turn towards what I thought was the right direction. I kept walking, now network was bad,wifi was gone and there was no way to communicate. So I made up my mind not to be lost. I have always had a sense of direction. I saw someone walking my way and when I asked,it turned out that he was lost too. I headed for the nearest bus stop and read the direction at the bus stop and I was really lost. The bus came along I got on and asked the driver and he didn’t know where I was going but he knew it wasn’t his way. I got off. And headed in the direction where I saw people and everyone I asked didn’t know where I was. Now I was really lost, battery almost dead so I called my friend ‘ men I don lost ooo’ where are you? I don’t know men! Everywhere resemble! (But couldn’t bring myself to say I had been on this journey for 2hours. I had a sense of direction).’My battery don nearly die sha…wait wait I think I have seen someone who may know…call you back later!’
2hours, battery dead, soaked in the rain! And no one knew where I was going. But I keep telling myself you have a sense of direction and I could find this place. I was determined now,I would find the place. I was going to ask every and anyone I saw. I did and they kept sending me back to where I was coming from but I knew…that wasn’t where I was going. And I wasn’t going back!
Eventually I met two guys in a white truck. They could pass for father and son. Naturally I turned to the older and asked for direction who had no idea if where I was going even existed. So I turned to leave when the younger chap brought out his phone found the location and gave me direction and I was on the right path after all. Another 30mins walk and I had arrived my destination. Wandering for 3hours,soaked and unsure if it was all worth the journey.
Finally at my destination, with my head down taking of my jacket as I walked past people, didn’t feel like smiling at anyone. In the elevator trying not to think, jacket off brushing off the drops on water on skirt with my hands as I walk down the corridor. Finally my destination, room 406 , I knocked and as he opened the door all I could see was his wedding band as he stretched out his hand to give me a hug. ‘My Boo…you made it’

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