You are whatever you think you are…not what they say you are!

Raining again!
This time I am not getting soaked. I have worked all week and I am tired, physically and mentally. 2 days to christmas and my list is still long, still got christmas presents that must go.
Jingle bells playing, I walked up to her. I knew we had friction this season and that was normal. The madness of the season allows for you to step on toes and planning an event wasn’t easy. But I was determined to make peace.
Take a deep breath… Think positive… Walk slowly…praying under my breath…move. All psyched up I approached her with my best smile. ‘I got you a present, I said.
She looked down like she wanted to whisper something in my ear I followed her action and maintained eye contact as I moved closer. ‘You have an evil heart, you will never make heaven, who do you do all these things for man or God? Showing off like you are talented.’
Now I couldn’t pretend I was in shock, when she saw the look on my face, she smiled and went on.’I choose who I take presents from and you don’t qualify…definitely not you. Just go leave this place and go and check yourself check your evil life.’
My heart stopped…How did this happen?

Holy! That’s all I could say. I walked out thinking what did I do? Where did I go wrong? What did I say! This is definitely over the top. I walked away with the present in my hand…never to return…

‘The heart of man is desperately wicked she said’… Replaying this verbal poison, but no one knows the heart of man I said, no one… Not even my heart… I have never thought evil in my life. Except the little wishes that something funny would happen to someone not with the intention to cause harm of course.
Replay! The issue here was… A little disagreement with regards to simple changes to the event? She wanted last minute cancellation and I was trained with the motto that the show must go on and the show did go on.

Some people love to play the I know you game. They predict, determine and manipulate your feelings. They are usually power hungry or people in some sort of authority. They love to blow things beyond its proportion and make it seem like you have a problem. They say you are not happy or there is something wrong somewhere , you say there is nothing but they go on to explain to you why you are not happy. Sometimes they claim that your harmless action or silence to a situation means that you are disturbed and there must be something wrong.

Listen Now: You must be tired of being tossed about by manipulative people. There is nothing wrong with you and no one knows you better than you know yourself except the Creator. Don’t be unduly attached to them. Don’t fall for manipulation by people who really don’t care and only want to increase the names on their ‘mumu’ list

*Na you get your mumu button and na only fit choose the people wey fit press am.

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