Now who said I chose to be who I am?

 I remember just like yesterday when my sister walked in with him…he looked at me and smiled, he was gorgeous, he began to ask me questions all I could think was… he must be him! The one for me! More questions, he was interested in me… his eyes, his lips his hair line…perfect…all I wanted…

Family oriented, listen no kids, never been married … I would be his first…wow! Intelligent, extremely intelligent, a man on a mission, with prospects, ready to change…  he is hard working, willing to sacrifice and uniquely different.  A man who knew his God…. aww my ideal man…everything about him was everything I wanted, everything I hoped and prayed for.

 Until he explained that the touch was meaningless, his conversations were emotionless and his choice was made and his heart and love was for my sister and although his desire was divide his love was certain…certainly not for me.


 In pain but not quitting, in my prayers… my only prayer, ‘Lord I want my seeds mighty upon the land and I am determine that I will carry the seed of the righteous’… my battlefield my mind, my weapon my knees in prayer. Everything is falling apart I see a table set, a celebration set and it’s not mine…

The God in him, look unto me…I have heard the stories of Your faithfulness and tonight is the night, please give me strength to celebrate and be joyful. Remember my request…to carry the seed of the righteous.

On my knees again in my prayer, I heard a knock on my door…in a very low voice i heard Leah, Leah, get dressed my dear tonight the celebration is for you, tonight your prayers are answered…


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