Formulas of life and how it all adds up…

I got an A in Mathematics in my GCE not because I loved or was very good at mathematics, far from it. I had a lesson teacher who was determined to kill my fear for figures so he spent extra time teaching me and eventually sent me off to his old teacher who put me in an old science lab all by myself. Now for someone like me that was the scariest moment of my life because I felt like I was going to be killed there and no one would know or even hear me scream.

The old teacher was frail, sickly and shaky as I handed him the note from my lesson teacher. ‘I stopped teaching a long time ago and he was one on my best students’. (Please send me back I thought in my head.) Like he could read my thoughts he smiled and said I know what he is trying to do. Puzzled…I thought was what is all this about? 

He told me of decades ago when he could make anyone see mathematics in everything simply by seeing the end from the beginning… I didn’t understand what he meant when he asked me why I was here. I simply said because my lesson teacher sent me here…hmmm he said (a sigh stating that I had just given the wrong answer). Then he asked why did he send you here? ….maybe he got tired of teaching me the same thing over and over again I blurted …hmmm he said (another wrong answer)… then he look straight into my eyes (very uncomfortable now). Then I remembered my GCE was coming up and I needed to pass maths….then he smiled and said ‘to see the end from the beginning you need FOCUS’.


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