…That Same Dream!

Another night, another morning… yet that same dream.
Grateful for life but that same dream
Good mornings, bad days, sad moments,
laughter filled evenings and reflective late nights
Still that same dream
Your dream! that same dream is possible
Your dream  a sign that you have overcome impossibility.
An unconscious motion picture of no ability of yours that
Caused you to lose sleep, the thought in itself is an impossibility,
yet you dreamed
Your dream means you have dared impossibility
Your dream means you have threaded the ground of impossibility
 Now its time for you to soar in the sky of possibility!
The winds? the winds may be against you but you will soar above!
You will soar above impossibility and limitation,
above fear and their silence.
..Your dream, that same dream is possible.
Your dream is possible!Welcome the time, the season, the moment where you move from impossibility to possibility!

Loads of love and blessings

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