It all started with a slight knock then hard banging on the door, so hard it work me up from a deep sleep. ‘Hello, please open the door.’ I knew I would die, the moment I opened the door I would be dead. Now the yelling and the name calling ‘OPEN! Open the door now’ they scream. No longer asleep but wide awake, up and thinking of the last time I opened the door, the loot… they took everything… I lost everything… everything beautiful I have ever had. I lost because I opened.

Today they will have to breakdown the door to get to me. I am not moving and won’t be moved by their accusations and their shouting.

I won’t pretend like I don’t hear them. I hear every word loud and clear. I won’t hide; I’m done living in denial. I am opening this door and confronting them. Face to face!

 Today I am guarding what belongs to me. I am guarding my heart with all diligence! Those crazy thoughts of fear and failure may get a grenade and blow up every sane thought I’ve got but I have made up my mind, I’m closed and I am not losing this battle.

Not anymore…I am CLOSED and more than a conqueror. 


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