A few years ago I was in need of a dentist and it was on short notice and there was no way I was going to get an appointment so I spoke out and told a medical student how desperate I was and He hooked up an appointment for me.

On the day of my appointment, I came in 2 hours early and saw this very very long queue and joined it. I was so slow and an hour later I was still at the same spot with a longer queue behind me.

I got a phone call and it was my friend the medical student, he wanted to know where I was, I explained how I came in 2 hours early and saw a queue and joined it with the hope that it would eventually be my turn… he laughed, said see you soon and dropped the phone.
In a few minutes he was standing right in front of me. He asked me ”Do you really want to see a dentist?” I went on to explain to him (again)how I had arrived 2 hours early and hoping that the long queue would move and it would eventually be my turn… then he said, ”Come with me.” He took me to a room where a dentist had been sitting down waiting for me… in no time I was done with the dentist and on my way home. I walked past the queue and it was still there.

My story reminds me so much of this story in the bible…

” Now there is in Jerusalem a pool near the Sheep Gate. This pool in the Hebrew is called Bethesda, having five porches (alcoves, colonnades, doorways).
In these lay a great number of sick folk—some blind, some crippled, and some paralyzed (shriveled up)—[a]waiting for the bubbling up of the water.
For an angel of the Lord went down at appointed seasons into the pool and moved and stirred up the water; whoever then first, after the stirring up of the water, stepped in was cured of whatever disease with which he was afflicted.
There was a certain man there who had suffered with a deep-seated and lingering disorder for thirty-eight years.
When Jesus noticed him lying there [helpless], knowing that he had already been a long time in that condition, He said to him, Do you want to become well? [Are you really in earnest about getting well?]
The invalid answered, Sir, I have nobody when the water is moving to put me into the pool; but while I am trying to come [into it] myself, somebody else steps down ahead of me.
Jesus said to him, Get up! Pick up your bed (sleeping pad) and walk!
Instantly the man became well and recovered his strength and picked up his bed and walked…”

JOHN 5:2-9 AMP

So many times God Himself wants to break protocol for us but we have programmed our minds to believe that the way He did it for one, will be the same processes and procedures will be applied in our cases… but your case is different!

Just like me on that very long queue, I was certain that the only way to see the dentist was for the queue to move and it would be my turn( I had no idea what had been prepared for me) . So also this man who was ill for 38 years was certain that the process to his healing was a man to put him in the pool…but Jesus passed by a great multitude and came to his rescue.

Today, God wants to bypass some processes in your life. God wants overlook procedures in your situation. God wants to break protocol to give you your miracle… Allow God with your faith.

Thank you Dr Emmanuel Schizo Iwelomen RIP for breaking protocol on my behalf. What you did for me was too kind and I’ll never forget.


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