WE don’t have tomorrow…

While we are busy reading meanings to words and actions,

acting all judgmental and all important.

While we dust up our malice portfolio and gossip report.

While we isolate and mistreat.

We forget that death it snatches, faster than the snap of our fingers.

We forget that we will always have words unsaid,Love unloved, feelings un[not]shared,

friends un[not]hugged, laughter un[not] laughed.

We forget the little things we take for granted like LIFE..Image.

Let’s talk, let’s live, let’s love we don’t have tomorrow.



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It all started with a slight knock then hard banging on the door, so hard it work me up from a deep sleep. ‘Hello, please open the door.’ I knew I would die, the moment I opened the door I would be dead. Now the yelling and the name calling ‘OPEN! Open the door now’ they scream. No longer asleep but wide awake, up and thinking of the last time I opened the door, the loot… they took everything… I lost everything… everything beautiful I have ever had. I lost because I opened.

Today they will have to breakdown the door to get to me. I am not moving and won’t be moved by their accusations and their shouting.

I won’t pretend like I don’t hear them. I hear every word loud and clear. I won’t hide; I’m done living in denial. I am opening this door and confronting them. Face to face!

 Today I am guarding what belongs to me. I am guarding my heart with all diligence! Those crazy thoughts of fear and failure may get a grenade and blow up every sane thought I’ve got but I have made up my mind, I’m closed and I am not losing this battle.

Not anymore…I am CLOSED and more than a conqueror. 

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Laughter in my Tears

I cried and laughed at the same time,
 tears not from deep hearty laughter but a wail mixed with laughter 
emanating from an inarticulate deep thought of whom I had become and
 all I had lost in the journey of becoming who I am now.
 How could I have missed out on what was mine? 
I was sure,
 very certain,
 I spoke about it, 
I saw the clear picture,
 a graphic illustration, 
the signs, 
I heard it and even bragged about it,
now it slipped right out of my hand. 
Now all I can see is a blurred picture through my tears. 
A picture that speaks to me,
 it says how can you have what was never yours?
 It says if it was yours, your hands would show it.
 The laughter through the tears, from hope of a future beyond my measure,
 a vision that can only be a dream of impossibility 
but I choose the laughter over the tears… I choose you.

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…That Same Dream!

Another night, another morning… yet that same dream.
Grateful for life but that same dream
Good mornings, bad days, sad moments,
laughter filled evenings and reflective late nights
Still that same dream
Your dream! that same dream is possible
Your dream  a sign that you have overcome impossibility.
An unconscious motion picture of no ability of yours that
Caused you to lose sleep, the thought in itself is an impossibility,
yet you dreamed
Your dream means you have dared impossibility
Your dream means you have threaded the ground of impossibility
 Now its time for you to soar in the sky of possibility!
The winds? the winds may be against you but you will soar above!
You will soar above impossibility and limitation,
above fear and their silence.
..Your dream, that same dream is possible.
Your dream is possible!Welcome the time, the season, the moment where you move from impossibility to possibility!

Loads of love and blessings

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The Buried Talent

I woke up with this thought in my head… the parable of the talents, the story of the buried talent. I left my routine devotion and goggled the parable of the talent in Matthew 25 and I read the parable continuously with the same thought I woke up with in my head.

What if that one talent could speak? What would it have said? Screaming but no one hearing, as the servant poured the earth on it, it must have struggled to be seen wishing that someone would stop the servant.

The buried talent

His hand sweating as he held me,

It didn’t taste like salt, more of confusion and doubt.

He held me tightly in his hand so tight I choked

All I could do was mutter a prayer,

Lord let him use me, I am willing to produce.

He paced up and down in his room, talking to himself

I tried to listen but all I could hear was his inaudible mutter…

I hear him say ‘my master’, his voice with a tone of anger.

He sits, stands, hisses and shakes his head.

Why did I have to be that talent?  Why was I given to him?

I should have hid myself! I should have been picked and given to another.

Deep in my thought I did not realise that he had paced out of the room…

Where am I? Where did he bring me to?

A sigh of relief, as he opens his hand

As he releases me from the grip, he’s made up his mind to use me

Then he began to dig all I kept having flash backs of the master saying each of you given to his own ability. As he dug I could help to think that the master must have been wrong. He has so much strength he dug and dug and threw me in

i screamed, but no one heard, I cried but no one saw my tears. Don’t bury me, I begged him. I have all it takes, I‘ve got all you need use me, let me yield and increase, please use me, use me for anything but please don’t bury me.  The more I screamed the more earth he poured. Then I heard him stump his feet! He stumped harder like an elephant as he walked away.

Under the earth, all alone but not lonely, It wasn’t the loneliness that got to me, it was unproductivity, the denial of opportunity, I imagined how the others had flourished, nourished and replenished.

Every day I prayed that someday I would be found by one who would understand my purpose, my ability to increase, my capacity to multiply, my tendency to enlarge and my propensity to make wealth.

I hear footsteps, but very familiar footsteps, hear digging, I have been found but by him who buried me? Maybe he wants to change my location and still keep me buried…

It was my master that dug me up, not the one who buried me, but the one who ordained me.

I have been called up to testify against my master and In the presence of the Master, the story of increase by the others made me cry. I was ready to tell the master of my pain when my master sorry servant spoke.  His words filled with excuses and he points at me with regret.

Then I spoke yes master he is slothful! He used all his strength to bury me, he buried me!



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Above and not beneath!

And the LORD shall make thee the head, and not the tail; and thou shalt be above only, and thou shalt not be beneath; if that thou hearken unto the commandments of the LORD thy God, which I command thee this day, to observe and to do them Deuteronomy 28:13 KJV

So many times in our lives we face circumstances that challenge our character, undermine our position and subdue our personality. These circumstances leave us in doubt of who we truly are, our position of dominion and our kingdom identity.

We begin to wonder if we cannot rule on earth here, if we really do have power.

As Christians, there is the need to understand the impact we make in our world, there is the need to show excellence in our immediate environment. Show how things can be done with the right spirit. We are in this world but not of this world. There is therefore constant need for reaffirmation and confession of our true position in the world.

Christians are easily misunderstood and this is simply because the spirit we carry is very confident but the world calls it intimidating. Everywhere we go there is always an individual who stands as a stumbling block, some who talks about you, another who enjoys bringing you down.  Often times we do not realise that these blocks and people understand our content, what we carry on the inside of us, Hence their desire to accomplish their effort by all means.

Deuteronomy 28:13 KJV Clear states your position as a Christian, your position in the battles of life, your position in challenges.  God himself makes you the head! , God made you the head!  Be aware of your function as the head, the thinking department, the ideas department, the solution provider. In real life when you look at someone what you put your focus on as you gaze is the head, not the hands, not the legs but the head.

As a professional self-trained makeup artist and beauty consultant for Mary Kay cosmetics one of the most important things I know is that the first thing a person sees when they look at you is the face and that’s why so much effort is put on the face; when it comes to skin care and makeup because the face is located in the head.  When you begin to realise that you are the head, you understand the scripture which says you are salt and light of the world (Matthew 5:13-16).  You are highlighted, set apart, illuminated, aglow…even if your function is small, your role is minimal like Mordecai you will intimidate Haman (Esther 3)simply because you are predestined to be the head, it a position God created and made for you.

You are above and not beneath, we say no one is above the law yet we do not hear on the news that a particular judge has been arrest or locked up, this because the judges are learned enough to know when, how and where the law should prevail. They have knowledge and understanding of the law. So also we should have knowledge and understanding of the grace and mercy that speaks for us, the grace that gives us the edge over our peers, the spirit that reveals all things to us and stay in tune to these resources. (John 14:26)

Above offences

We are above offences, above malice, above the little foxes that spoil the vine. We are above in the realm of the supernatural yet operating also in the natural, we are above, extraordinary not like mere men, but beyond ordinary. We are spirit man with a body and a soul.

Above and not beneath is a concept that came by revelation when I was dealing with several interpersonal issues. It was like someone always had an issue with me, my personality clashed with several other personalities and as I prayed I was taken through various scriptures in the bible and bible characters who sometimes did or said nothing wrong yet had several interpersonal challenges too and in my quiet time I heard the words ‘you are above offences you are above and not beneath’.

I have had to deal with issues and turned to the academicians while I studied for my MBA in international business. To learn communication skills, interpersonal skills, negotiation skills and all the business skills necessary but I found out the greatest teacher is God himself through the Holy spirit and I as I engage in this lifelong learning journey I know there is someone out there who is going through these issues too.

You are above and not beneath
Loads of love and blessings

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An option for you but do you see it…

Hello Everyone,

Welcome to a brand new week!

Last weekend was the TREM Fulham workers camp and it was different from every other camp. There was a series of events that took place that were very significant for me. One of them was for the first time in my life I was the youngest person in a particular place, at the camp and the official camp baby…lol

The phrase that shook me the most was when RMF said that “Iniquity is not your only option…that God will always create another option for you. “

There will come a time that your path to success will require you to cheat, lie, steal or compromise (by having sex with someone or may be just a few kisses here and there) but God knows and He will not let sin/ iniquity be your only option. God will always provide an option but it depends on where you are…

Let’s look at Abraham who was instructed to sacrifice his son. This action would have been a great sin before the people, especially his servants who would have said, ‘our master said his God blessed him with all these riches yet his God told him to commit a great sin and murder his son.’ Abraham would have been known as a ritual killer (the man who used his son for rituals to make wealth) but what Abraham chose to do was to be at the right place, on the mountain which the lord had instructed him to be on.

“And Abraham called the name of that place Jehovahjireh: as it is said to this day, In the mount of the Lord it shall be seen.” Genesis 22:14KJV

Like Abraham, where you are, your location, both physically and spiritually will ensure that the other option is seen. You will definitely see the other option when you are where God wants you to be.

Fasting is like being on the mountain and this season if you are fasting and praying, pay close attention because God is going to reveal to you the other option, great options, creative options, solution oriented options and options far from iniquity.

Like Joseph, the option may require you to flee from Potiphar’s wife and instead of celebration/ commendation for your right decision, you find yourself in prison (or maybe in debt, with your account in the red just because you choose to be in the presence of God instead of that hotel room). God will honour you for making the right decision, for choosing His option.

As complex as it may be don’t get carried away “Iniquity is not your only option” there is always another option for you only if you are in the right place, doing the right thing and sometimes your right decision may hurt but don’t let the temporary pain cause regret  because your great destiny will shine out.  You were created for success and excellence!

Loads of Love and Blessings



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